50 Cent Reveals he Wants to Punch Kanye West in the Face

50 Cent has recently gone onto American television (dressed in the uniform of bling and hit-dat-esque linen) and mentioned in an interview that he would like to punch Kanye West in the face for his treatment of talentless wailer Taylor Swift. Or, more accurately, he said 'balck his eye.' Now, I don't know if Mr. Cent has looked at Kanye West recently, but it seems to have passed him by that Mr. West's eyes are already black.

Hot, hot, HOT celebrity news site perezhilton.com said 'how 50 Cent fervently (and surprisingly eloquently), talks about what Kanye did to Taylor.' We at the thought flannel speculate that Americans are, firstly, easily surprised, and secondly, don't have a fucking clue what eloquence means.

In the video, Mr. Cent claims that he has been overlooked in 13 Grammy nominations beacause he told the hard truth (in a way that the Americans might think of as 'eloquent'). We at the thought flannel think he has, in actuality, been overlooked beacuase he is shit.

In 2004, the fiscally-named artist was not chosen to win the award, as Evanescence won best newcomer. He boasts fo how many records he has sold. Unfortunately, he seems to have overlooked that Grammy judges do not give out prizrs based on record sales, but on talent. Bless.

Having watched the above film, if you would like to kill yourself, do feel free to, but the Thought Falnnel is not held responsible for injury caused by reading this blog.

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