My thought flannel today became wetter than I had anticipated

Unfortunately, today's article revolves, yet again, around walking and bicycles.

I was walking to Spar around 3.10 p.m. and two boys rode past me on their bicycles. the one at the front was drinking a pink-coloured fruit juice.

I noticed them. The first boy, upon my looking away, threw his bottle at my face and hit me on the side of the head, soaking my new Tee and making my hair pink and sticky on the left side.

I really do wish him the worst possible life. There is nothing in this world that could happen to him with which I would sypathise. Were he flayed alive I would but raise one eyebrow.

However, considering my acerbic blog attack on a cyclist yesterday, perhaps it was my karma.

(N.B. Karma does not exist.)

Anyway, on a cheerier note, I was thinking about the Westboro Baptist Church, a group of right-wing Christians in America who run the campaign "God Hates Fags". You may have seen Louis Theroux's documentary about the Phelps family (who are members), although it was repeated last night on Dave.

Many of these people argued that anyone who does not obey the Bible word-for-word will go to Hell. Also, they say that America is "doomed" because the (then) president, Dubble-Ya did not obey the Bible word for word. This therefore meant that they believed all American troops were evil for serving such a country and would go to Hell. They called the troops "fags" too.

As if you needed them, I have produced a few arguments against this.

1. God is not real. Hell is not real. (Bit controversial that one, so if you disagree, read on...)
2. The Bible is full of contradictions. it cannot be taught word for word and obeyed in this way as it is impossible.
3. Homosexuality is not a sin. Leviticus may say it is. Leviticus says a lot of crazy things though, mainly about periods and sleeping with your family. I think Mr. Leviticus has a few repressed feelings...
4.Everyone has the right to choose what to believe, including the Westboro Baptists. Nobody has the right to spread hatred, including the Westboro Baptists.
5. Gay people are not "fags" they are gay people.
6. The arguments of the Bible depend too little on empirical evidence and too much on unquantifiable faith.

These people are spreading hatred. People who do this are the only people for whom we can show hate. These people are lunatics. They should not be allowed children and they should not be allowed freedom.

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